Welcome at “The Dance of the Hero” (R)

Start here Keridwen's internetadventure “The Dance of the Hero”.
Discover your personal leadership: your abilities, choices and decisions.

Fairy tales are more than true:
not because they tell us that dragons exist,
but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”

G.K. Chesterton

In this adventure you will become familiar with twelve
very different heroes and heroines. Every hero receives the call
to beat his or her own dragon, and each one of them is able to do so.
It's your call to find out how they will beat their dragons.
Besides, how would you conquer your own dragon!?

It's up to you, which heroes you select for accompanying you on your journey.
Go and beat your dragons, the way your chosen hero would do it.
Compare the different heroes, and be aware that
all those heroes and heroines live inside you.

Welcome into “The Dance of the Hero” (R)
Based on Keridwen's “De dans van de held” (R)

Your call... <-----> Keridwen